We Are The Champions – Queen

Publicado: janeiro 26, 2012 por Tainara em Rock Internacional


We Are The Champions – Queen


re fa sol sol / I’ve paid my dues

re fa sol sol / Time after time

re fa sol sol re / I’ve done my sentence

re fa la sol sol sol / But committed no crime


fa la sib sib / And bad mistakes

fa la sib sib / I’ve made a few

fa fa la la la sib sib DO DO sib RE RE / I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face

RE MI FA FA / But I’ve come through


la la la sib DO / And we mean I to go

FA MIB FA MIB FA MIB FA / on and on and on and on



MIB RE MIB RE sib sol DO sol / We are the champions, my friends

sol MIB MIB FA SOL SIB SOL / And we’ll keep on fighting

DO RE DO / ‘Till the end

DO sib DO sib sol / We are the champions

LAB SOL LAB SOL FA / We are the champions

SOL MIB LAB SOL MIB / No time for losers

SOL FA RE SOL FA RE / Cause we are the champions

DO la RE / of the world


Obs: As notas maiúsculas são agudas.