You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

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You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift


sol mi mi re do do sol mi / You’re on the phone with your girlfriend

re mi re / She’s upset

re sol sol mi mi re / She’s going off about

sol mi re mi re / Something that you said

fa mi do mi mi mi re / She doesn’t get your humor

do re mi / Like I do


sol mi mi re / I’m in my room

do do sol sol mi re mi re / It’s a typical tuesday night

re sol sol mi mi re re sol sol / I’m listening to the kind of music

mi re mi re / She doesn’t like

fa mi do mi mi mi re / She’ll never know your story

do re mi / Like I do


sol la DO RE DO / But she wears short skirts

la DO RE DO / I wear t-shirts

sol DO DO RE DO / She’s cheer captain

RE RE MI RE DO / And I’m on the bleachers

la DO DO la DO / Dreaming about the day

sol sol la DO la DO / When you wake up and find

la DO la – MI RE RE / That what you’re looking for

DO DO MI RE DO RE / Has been here the whole time



DO DO RE MI / If you could see

RE MI RE MI RE MI RE DO / That I’m the one who understands you

MI RE MI RE MI / Been here all along

RE MI RE DO FA MI la / So why can’t you see me?

DO DO DO sol FA MI fa / You belong with me

fa fa fa mi mi / You belong with me


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  1. alexanderr disse:

    ni alll cassoo no eess!!!!

  2. margarida disse:

    amoo esta musica e este clip ❤